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  • Ball Cap w/ HMT-1 Clips

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    Blank Front (no logo), w/ RealWear logo


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    These purpose-built ball caps are a perfect pairing for wearing with the HMT-1 for everything that does not require PPE.  Each cap is designed for maximum comfort, balance and visibility, expanding the boundaries for where the HMT-1 can go.  Each ball cap contains a RealWear-designed semi-flexible inner band and HMT-1 clips. The cap’s brim is ideal for sunny locations without occluding the adjustable high-resolution camera.

    • High-quality
    • Lightweight / Durable / Smooth
    • Adjustable Velcro back
    • Black with RealWear logo (two variations available at checkout)
    • Brim designed for full camera visibility
    • Built-in clips and inner band
    • Weighs approximately 100 grams