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  • Ear Bud Foam Tips

    23.0059.00 - HT

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    Size Ear Bud

    Ear Bud Foam Tips (Sample Pack) – Small, Medium, Large, Ear Bud Foam Tips (10 Pair Pack) – Small, Ear Bud Foam Tips (10 Pair Pack) – Medium, Ear Bud Foam Tips (10 Pair Pack) – Large


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    For HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1. Intrinsically safe (IS approved) for use with the HMT-1Z1 in hazardous locations.

    The Ear Bud Foam Tips are replaceable foam tips for the Ear Bud Hearing Protection Headphones. They are made of premium memory foam and are available in 3 different sizes. Each headphone comes with a pair of Medium foam tips. With regular use, wear and tear of the foam tips are normal and they are designed to be replaced periodically.

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